Sunday Services/主日崇拜時間: English/英語–9:00AM, Cantonese/粵語-10:30AM, Mandarin/國語–10:30AM - get directions

近期證道 2019.05

  1. “Finishing Strong” (Hebrews 12:1-3)
  2. “耶穌血所立的新約 The New Covenant in Jesus’ Blood”
  3. “The Path Marked Out” (John 21:20-23)
  4. “A Wife of Noble Character 才德的妻子”
  5. “Stepping Out”
  6. “走出去” (With Cantonese Translation)
  7. 1) Gideons International Presentation 2)“My Witnesses to the Ends of the Earth”
  8. 1)Gideons International Presentation 2)”作我的見證直到地極”







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