The Davis Chinese Christian Church began in 1969 as a small prayer group that later became a Bible study fellowship. The first Sunday morning worship was held January 18th, 1970 in the basement of Davis Community Church. DCCC was legally incorporated August 13th 1973 with four primary purposes: to worship God, to edify believers, to cultivate fellowship among Christians, and to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.

Subsequently, attendance has grown steadily along with our facilities. Our current site at 536 Anderson Road, acquired and modified in 1979, had to be expanded in 1982. Not long afterwards, space again became a problem, and 602 Anderson was rented for use in 1986. Finally in 1988, the lot next door to the church, 530 Anderson Road, was purchased. The new 200-seat sanctuary was dedicated in November 1989, and the renovation of the old building was completed in February 1990. In January 1992, 542 Anderson Road was acquired for fellowship and Sunday School purposes. On this site a new Christian education wing and new offices were completed in November 2001. Utilizing the infrastructure of this wing, a second floor is added to the central part of the church, completed in November 2008, with a 100-seat (expandable to 140-seat) secondary sanctuary, a library and Sunday School rooms. In July 2013, 524 Anderson Road was acquired, completing the lots on the southern end of Anderson Road.

Worship services in 1970 were conducted in Mandarin, with simultaneous translation into English to a small group off to the side. Because the number of English-speaking members increased, translation form the pulpit was added, and then in 1986, the English-only service was begun to complement the existing bilingual worship. A Children’s Worship was begun in the fall of 1992 to meet the needs of the many children in the church. In April 2001 a Cantonese worship service was added.

Along with attendance, the need for staff has also grown. During the first 10 years, Gershom Lee, Moses Yu, and Jacob Fok provided guidance and preaching part-time. In 1982, Brother Lee was appointed full-time after serving many years at Chinese Grace Bible Church of Sacramento. Randall Chan came on full-time in August, 1989 and served two years as the Assistant Pastor. Howard (Hoy) Hsieh interned starting in 1987 and joined full-time in September of 1990 as an Assistant pastor, in which capacity he served for two years. Curtis J. Chan came on as at the next Assistant Pastor in May of 1992 and moved on to another pastorate in August of 1995. Tony Wang served as assistant pastor from February 1998 to September 2002. Gershom Lee retired in June 2004 to join the missions field. Beginning in September 2003 Philip Gee serves as the new English pastor, beginning in October 2003 Mondy Chen serves as the Mandarin pastor, and beginning in August 2005 Eric Li serves as the Cantonese pastor.

DCCC is not a church run by full-time staff alone. A board of coworkers, made up of representatives from each of the resident families of the church, began handling administration early on. As the tasks increased, working teams were formed, numbering as many as 19! In 1990, the working teams were reorganized into six ministry committees, with the chairs of each committee appointed as deacons. Serving on each committee are many dedicated brothers and sisters. Also assisting the pastors and deacons board in important decisions is the Co-workers Team, made up of all the current and former deacons and elected congregation members. As the church matured and in anticipation of the impending retirement of Senior Pastor Gershom Lee, the Council of Elders was established in May 2001. The inaugural Council consisted of Gershom Lee and elected elders Winston Ko, Frank Lin and Quinton Rogers. Pastors Philip Gee, Mondy Chen and Eric Li are all elected DCCC elders one year after their arrival.  Dennis Logan was elected an elder in June 2008 after Quinton Rogers left for Colorado.

Sunday school for both children and adults is held in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. Our fellowship groups are many and varied: Jr./Sr. High School Youth, College Mandarin, College Cantonese, College English, Cantonese Young Adult, English Young Adult, English Family Group, Gospel, Scholars, Mandarin Lord’s Grace, English Adult, Cantonese Adult, Mandarin Adult, and Truth. The fellowship groups give us opportunities to know each other better, support one another, study the Bible together and tell others about Jesus. Each of the fellowship groups is under the supervision of the pastoral staff and the elder/deacon board.

updated 7-16-2013