Jia Mei

Jia Mei 2011Jia-Mei Fellowship meets every Friday evening at 7:30 p.m. at our Brother’s and Sister’s place. We begin the meeting by singing hymns to worship God, and then we break up into small groups to pray. After praying, we come together again for Bible study and sharing.  After Bible study and sharing, we have a time of fellowship and refreshments are provided.  During the Bible study and sharing, we have a program for young children.  From time to time, we have retreats or special topic meetings according to the needs of our Fellowship.

The purpose of our Fellowship is to learn God’s word, and to intercede and care for one another according to God’s teachings, so that we come to know and experience our Lord Jesus Christ, share His grace and love, and walk together on the way of truth and life so that we can grow spiritually in Him.

Whether you are a seeker or a believer, if you can speak Mandarin Chinese, we sincerely welcome you to join our weekly Fellowship meeting.

Contact persons:  Ren-Yi Liu 劉仁毅 530-758-3827  renyi_liu@yahoo.com
Stephanie Lee 黨鴻萱 707-678-0922  stephanie_t_lee@hotmail.com