The Scholars Fellowship was founded in 1982.  As its name suggests, the Scholars Fellowship consists of mainly Chinese scholars.    At its inception the fellowship body had less than 10 members.  Over the past three decades, the fellowship continues to grow as China gradually opens up its door for scholars to visit the U.S. and engage in short-term academic learning and exchange. For the same reason, the Scholars Fellowship is a dynamic group with its members regularly coming and returning to China.

The Scholars Fellowship has Bible study meetings every Friday from 7:30 to 10:30 PM at the Davis Chinese Christian Church.  Children’s program is provided by the fellowship coworkers. A typical Friday fellowship gathering begins with group hymn singing, followed by Bible study and/or special topics in two separate small groups, and ends with refreshments and sharing.  A special potluck dinner beginning at 6:30 PM is included in the the program on the last Friday of each month.  Every summer the Scholars Fellowship organizes a group camping retreat, which is one of the most popular events of the church.

Over the years, many Chinese scholars with atheist background have joined the Scholars Fellowship and, through participating in Bible studies and building friendship with fellow members, have been touched by the Holy Spirit.  Many of them have accepted the Lord Jesus as their personal Savior and are baptized in the church.

The Scholars Fellowship of the Davis Chinese Christian Church welcomes you to join us!

Contact persons:
Guoping Xu
Ping Chen