TruthEvery Friday evening, millions of Christian families around the globe open up their homes for fellowship to study and share the Word and love of God. Truth Fellowship (Truth) in Davis, California, has had the privilege of being such a fellowship for many years. Truth is one of the Mandarin fellowships at Davis Chinese Christian Church (DCCC), which has committed to love and serve God and its fellow neighbors, including anyone who desires to seek the “truth” of life. We are convinced that “Truth” is defined by God, by the Bible and by Jesus Christ Himself.

In 1998, Truth Fellowship was established by Gershom Lee, the founding pastor of DCCC. During the first five years, Truth met at Oliver and Sheri Huang’s home in El Macero. The members are mainly researchers and graduate students at UCD, as well as young families from Taiwan and China. Pastor Lee regularly led the Bible study and helped many seekers to know Jesus and to commit themselves to Christ. In 2003, after the Huang family left Davis, Truth has been mainly based at the homes of Jimmy and Jennifer Chen and Tom and Kim Hsieh. After the Chen’s family left in 2009, Truth has been based in Hsieh’s home until 2011, three more families join to host the fellowship meetings. Pastor Mondy Chen, the current Mandarin pastor in DCCC, also visits and supports our     fellowship regularly.

Truth meets on every Friday evening in the homes of our members who live in Davis . After a whole week’s busy routine, we often have potluck dinner together, with chatting, relaxing friendship time first.  The worship starts at 7:30 pm. together we sing our praises and prayers to God using the YouTube.  Next comes the Bible study. In a free and refreshing atmosphere, we read God’s Words, share our thoughts and experiences. Around 9:30 pm, the meeting is closed by group prayers. Together we pray for God’s kingdom, for church and for our individual needs.

Blessings from God keep pouring onto Truth. In the past years, hundreds of scholars and graduate students spent their Friday evenings with Truth. Many young men and women have come to know Jesus and converted, couples engaged and married with their wedding held in DCCC or in our fellowship. New babies arrived…. When they finish their studies in Davis and leave, either returning to Taiwan or shifting bases in the U.S., the truth they found here is that God’s everlasting love shall never leave them, so does the genuine friendship in Truth.

Welcome to visit and join us and become a member of God’s family. Let’s support and nourish each other to find the Truth of life!

Contact Information: Tina Yu (530) 753-7592