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Methods/Instructions of “GIVING” to Davis Chinese Christian Church


     A. If you visit DCCC in person, drop your Cash/Paper Check donation in the Offering Box located in the Sanctuary (for English/ Mandarin worships) or the Offering Box located in the Cantonese Worship Sanctuary on the 2nd floor.

     B. If Both Sanctuaries are not accessible, put your cash/paper check in a sealed envelope, and drop this envelope in the in-coming- US-mail slot which is located on the wall outside church office, (to your left before you enter the door to the Fellowship Hall).


(II) Mail your donation check via regular US Post service to DCCC at 536 Anderson Rd., Davis, CA 95616.


(III) Online Automatic Payment through your personal bank account :

(If you don’t have access to your bank website, you may go to your bank in person, ask a banker to help you have it set up and walk you through the following procedures.)

  1. Go to your personal bank account website,
  2. Choose “Pay/Transfer”,
  3. Choose “Pay Bills”,
  4. Click “Add Payee”, enter the Name (Davis Chinese Christian Church), Address (536 Anderson Rd., Davis, CA 95616),
  5. Click “No Account #” (this is for payment of your credit cards)
  6. Click “Save”
  7. A “Confirmation” screen pops up, verify all pertinent information.
  8. Click “Schedule the Payment” – to specify which day of the month you want the donation check to be delivered to DCCC,
  9. Click “Amount” to specify the dollar amount you wish to donate,
  10. Click “Recurring/Repeat” if you want your bank to process this donation to DCCC monthly or at other intervals,
  11. You may make this payment as a one-time donation only, you may also change the amount anytime you wish.

(Each bank’s website and procedures might differ slightly, but basically they are very similar)

How do you know if your bank has processed your automatic payment request and the check has reached DCCC safely?

Go online to check your bank account statement periodically,

  1. If that particular transaction is marked as “Pending”, it means the payment has been delivered by the bank, but the recipient (DCCC) has not received it or deposited it.
  2. If that particular transaction is marked as “Paid”, it assures you that the payment has reached DCCC and it also has been processed by DCCC.
  3. If after one month from the date of delivery, this transaction is still in the “Pending” mode, you need to be alarmed that the check delivered by your bank might be lost in the mail! Contact DCCC Treasury office and your bank immediately to make stop-payment on that check, your bank would either reissue another check with the same amount to DCCC or credit the same amount back to your account.


(IV) Consult with your Financial Advisor, CPA Accountant, or Investment Broker to set up a Charitable Gift Fund. DCCC is not in a position to offer any advices or opinions on this matter.


(V) If you are at least 70 and1/2 of age, and have Traditional IRA, you may consult with your Financial Advisor, CPA Accountant, or Investment Broker to make a “Qualified Charitable Distribution” (QCD) to DCCC. However, DCCC is not in a position to offer any advices or opinions on this matter.



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