The Book of II Timothy

By Vincent Lo


  1. Last letter written by Apostle Paul. ( One of Paul’s Personal letters: I Timothy, Titus and Philemon )
  2. Paul’s final charges to Timothy before his impending death sentence in Rome.
  3. Paul was martyred in Rome by Nero shortly after this final letter. Traditionally it was believed that Paul was beheaded.
  4. The letter is filled with the passion and confidence of Paul who remained as a faithful soldier of Christ in spite of all his sufferings.
  5. Paul had been the spiritual father and mentor of Timothy.

Author: Paul.

Place: Rome where Paul was imprisoned the second time.

Time: 66 AD.

Key words: charge, grace, endure.

Key verses: 2:15,4:5

Motives: Paul’s final charges to young Timothy to continue the ministry.

Theme: Be a faithful evangelist, a servant of God.


    1. Salutation. Vs 1:1-2

    1. Paul’s first charge to Timothy – Be bold to guard the Gospel. Vs 1:3-18.

    1. Paul’s second charge to Timothy – Be strong in becoming an approved servant of God. Vs 2:1-26.

    1. Paul’s third charge to Timothy – Be wise in defending the word of God. Vs 3:1-17.

    1. Paul’s fourth charge to Timothy – Be persistent in advancing evangelism. Vs 4:1-18.

  1. Final greetings. Vs 4:19-22.

Complete Text in MS Word 6.0