The Book of Ephesians

By Vincent Lo

Author: Paul

Place: Rome where Paul was imprisoned.

Time: 61 AD.

Theme: The mystery of Christ – the Church is his Body.

Receivers: The saints, the faithful believers in Christ Jesus, in the church at Ephesus.

Background: The city of Ephesus was cosmopolitan. It was a leading international trade center, filled with arts and sciences. It was most well known for the Temple of Artemis ( the worship of Diana ). Acts 19-23-27. Other bible references: Acts 2:9, Acts18:18-21; 18:24-26, Acts 19, Acts 20:17-27; 28-38, I Tim 1:3.

Key words: Will, church, body, in Christ, in Him, riches, grace. glory, spiritual.

Key verses: 1:10,1:22-23.


I. Salutation. Vs 1:1-2.
II. Spiritual Blessings in Christ- for every believer in Christ. Vs 1:3-14.
III. Paul’s first prayer for the Ephesians. Vs 1:15-23.
III. A new life in Christ Jesus. Vs 2:1-22.
IV. The mystery of Christ. Vs 3:1-13.
V. Paul’s second prayer for the Ephesians. Vs 3:14-21.
VI. Unity in the Body of Christ. Vs 4:1-16.
VII. Live a New Life. Vs 4:17-5:21.
VIII. The mystery of Christ and His Church: Husband and wife. Vs 5:21-31.
IX. A message to children and parents. Vs 6:1-4.
X. A message to servants and masters. Vs 6:5-9.
XI. The spiritual warfare. Vs 6:10-20.
XII. The final greeting and blessing. Vs 6: 21-24.

Complete Text in MS Word 6.0