Baptismal Testimony by Johann Tiamzon

Student at the University of California, Davis
November 2000


I’d like to share with you all how I was before knowing Christ. I came from a Roman Catholic family. My parents raised my brother and my sister, and myself according to the values and beliefs of this church. My dad and especially my mom holds this very close to her heart. That’s why my parents feel so strongly about going to church together, because it unifies us as a family. As a filipino, unity within the family is important. However, when I was young, I was ignorant of all this. In order for you to know me, you’ ll have go to the people who know me best. According to my dad, he notices that I tend to focus on one thing and go all out for it. As I look back, I know its true. In my freshman and sophomore year in high school, I had a girlfriend and I focused on her. When I was a sophomore and junior, I discovered lacrosse, and I focused on that. In my senior year, I focused on musical performance in trumpet. I bounced from one thing another. While this is an example of how my parents see me, there was a lot of things going on in my life that I struggled with. I struggled with bitterness, and jealousy during and after my breakup with my girlfriend. Even more, I struggle with lust. And it’s sad to say that it wasn’t just impure thoughts. I have done many things in secret that I am ashamed of and that I really don’t want to remember anymore. I know what it means to live as if you’re dead. These sins really affected the way I thought, acted, felt, and related to people.

However, during this time, God gave me opportunities to hear about Jesus Christ. After my sister became a Christian in college, and I was a junior, her friend Alan invited me to go to a Billy Graham crusade to hear Billy speak. There, I heard the gospel, and I came down with Alan during the altar call to talk to one of the counselors. However that was an emotional time for me and I continued to doubt after that because I didn’t ground myself in God’s word. It wasn’t until my freshman year, during a special CEF night when PT was teaching the fellowship on how to preach the gospel that I heard the gospel again. That night everything clicked, and everything made sense. I heard I was a sinner, and that the punishment for that sin is hell, and that it’s only in trusting in him alone could I be saved. It was either that night or not long after that that I went over the gospel on my own and trusted in Christ.


I’d like to share with you lastly how I was after that. Ever since then, God has helped me to get rid of a lot of the bad. I know I’ve had lapsed into the sins I was once in, but at the same time, I have experienced victory in overcoming them. Even now, God continues to show me sin, and I work and getting rid of it. I’ve also doubted at many times, but I’ve also known peace in trusting in what his word says. God has also brought new changes into my life. He has given me a new desire to read his word, and pray, and to love him with all my being. HX-Mozilla-Status: 0009nities to share Christ with my family and some of my friends. More importantly, he has given me the desire to obey him in all things which is why, I want to obey Christ today to be baptized. Thanks.