Testimony by Nanako Omori

Wife of visiting scientist from Japan
December 1997


I realize that I am a sinner and I repented of my sins. I believe in Jesus Christ. I know that he died on the cross for my sins. And I receive him as my savior and Lord into my heart. I yield the throne of my life to him. I will follow his lead without boasting. I want to please God from now.

Why do I testify above? Because God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of love and of power and of a sound mined.(2 timothy 1:7) Because God knows me and is always with me.(Psalm 139:1) And because Scripture says, Don’t worry about anything but in my prayers ask God for what I need, always asking him with a thankful heart.(Phillipians 4:6)

Before I believe in him, the successive death of my familiar persons made me awfully fearful. I was afraid of death of myself. I was afraid of even slight disorder of my body like a nodule in my armpit. I’ve trusted that human being is given health by only having good healthy food because I’ve studied novel functions of food like cancer healing system. But the answer in the Bible is “no”. Jesus answered “the scripture says. Human being cannot live on bread alone but need every word that God speaks.”(Matthew 4:4) If I believe in him, God gives me eternal life.(John 3:16) I don’t have to worry about death and sickness any more.

Sometimes I forget to love my husband and my child. But the Bible helps me to notice lack of love for them. This is what love is: it is not that we have loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son to be the means by which our sins are forgiven. Dear friends, if this is how God loved us, then we should love one another.(1 John 4:10-11)


I appreciate God’s plan. Father chose me as one of his children. I follow the Bible and dwell in God’s home forever.(Psalm 23:6) And I believe that God chooses my husband and my daughter too.