Baptismal Testimony by Steven Lok-Yu Lau

Student at the University of California, Davis
November 2000


Good Morning! Brothers and sisters! Thank you for giving me this opportunity to share my testimony and my life with you. Thanks the Lord! This is His grace to let me be a Christian. First of all, I would like to share what I believe and my faith. I believe I am a sinner, and I am not righteous in God’s standard. However, He sent his only son Jesus Christ to this earth and die on the cross as a sacrifice for sins. At the third day after His death, He resurrected and now sits in the right side of our God. Because of His death, I am righteous in front of God and I have no fear to His ultimate judgment. I have eternal life after my physical body dies.

Similar to my housemate Benson, my Christian life also has three phases, my childhood, my secondary school period, and college period. In my childhood, I experienced many miracles from God. I was born in a Christian family. I went to church when I was a baby. The first memory about church life I can recall is Sunday school. My church is in a 20 stories building. The baby room for the worship is in the second floor of the building, but the children Sunday school is in the fifth floor. My parents and my uncle forgot to bring my cousin and me to the Sunday school because some unknown reason. In Hong Kong, we used elevator to arrive higher level of the building but pressing on the fifth floor button was a challenge to my cousin and me. However, God provided us strength and wisdom. I carried my cousin and then we arrived the fifth floor safely. I learnt a lot of Bible knowledge in this period, and I enjoyed this period very much. Praise the Lord.

The second phase of my Christian life was not that easy for me. I had a lot of struggles and challenges from my schoolmates and my friends. I started to doubt my religion and what I believe. I studied at Diocesan Boys’ School, a Christian school and there were many talented people. My schoolmates started to question me about Christianity. Some of them had very strong scientific mind and they strongly believed evolution. They had very strong arguments and I don’t think any one can give them a scientific reason to prove that they are wrong. My best schoolmates questioned me why Christians always say “No, No, No” to other religions and exclude other religions. These are tough questions for me. I started to doubt that part of what I believe was wrong. However, God did not give up because I was lack of faith. Thanks God! He send Sister Lillian Chan as my Sunday school teacher, and she encouraged me to seek the truth of God.

The third phase of my Christian life was started after my Advanced Level Examination. I was accepted by a few schools, and I had a hard time to choose the school. Right before I left Hong Kong to Davis, I still had struggle whether to choose HKU medical school or UCDavis. I saw that God provided a very good fellowship, Medicell, in Hong Kong and I knew a couple of good Christians there; but I did not see any good church and fellowship in this area. I had a very hard time to make that decision because I did not see God’s path for me in Davis. God told me that if I believe in Him, he will make my path straight. God did provided. He prepared DCCC for me and I had a wonderful fellowship here. I experienced God. He walked with me. He led me to read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and answered all my doubts when I read the Bible. He is living God, and He is the one and the only one God in this universe. Today, I have no fear to tell you that I witness God in my life and He is the Master of my life.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank a couple of persons, even though most of them are not here today. First, my grandfather, his simple faith to God encouraged me to trust God in any thing and any time. Although he is now in the Heaven, I thinX-Mozilla-Status: 0009 my joy. Second, sister Lilian Chan, she encouraged me when I was very depress to seek the truth of God. Third, Mrs Pauline Harris, she taught me Bible knowledge and how to obey God to operate a fellowship. Fourth, Auntie Rosana Chow, her sharing and encouragement taught me how to walk with God in my daily life. Fifthly, I would thank brother Anthony Chee. He gave me many encouragements in Davis. Lastly, I should say thank you to Jesus. He died on the cross for our sins and I am now righteous in front of God. Thank you!