My Baptismal Testimony by Yow-Ling Shiue

Ph.D. candidate in Genetics in UCD
February 1998


To a Christian who wants to take the step of baptism, that is an important event in his/her life. I cannot hide the excitement I have, so I want to share with my friends this testimony.

I came from a good family which was prosperous in every way. I went to Sunday School regularly as a child. I joined a Christian fellowship in college. But all this time I considered Christianity as one of the many religions which teach people to do good.

Because I study biology and science, I develop the habit of seeking proof for everything. Four months ago, as I prepared for the qualified exam for my Ph.D. degree, I did an in-depth analysis of my research material. I discovered that the genomic organization of horse contradict the ohno’s law. The only explanation of this phenomenon is God’s creation. I said to myself, if the committee members ask me about this question, I will say: “there is no such thing as evolution, God created everything” But from the world’s point of view, this kind of answer may cause the committee to disqualify me. I did not have the courage to take the consequence. Therefore I began to pray and ask God to help the committee member to be honest with the fact.

It is wonderful that when we touched on this issue in the course of the exam, no one laughed at me. The five members who are from different background looked at me with respectful eyes. Finally they commended me in saying: “you are a potential researcher”.


After that I earnestly sought to know more about God, His Word and His will. At this time I also noticed that the two Christian couples I know, Oliver and Sheri Huang, Yeu-Shyr and Jo-Man Wang, possess unusual peace and joy. I believe that God’s original purpose in creating all things was to give man peace and joy. God’s will is the answer to the many complex problems in this world.