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一代神僕保羅/Life Of Paul 2017


07/09/17 背景緒論 by Mondy Chen ACTS_20170709


07/16/17 教會的開始 by Winston Ko Chen ACTS_20170716


07/23/17 教會的見證(1) by Mondy Chen ACTS_20170723


07/30/17 教會的見證(2) by Mondy Chen ACTS_20170730


08/13/17 保羅身世/歸主 by Bob Liu ACTS_20170813


08/20/17 保羅歸主後行踪 by Bob Liu ACTS_20170820


08/27/17 保羅第一次旅行佈道 by Winston Ko ACTS_20170827


09/10/17 保羅第二次旅行佈道 by Lillian Hsia ACTS_20170910


09/17/17 保羅第三次旅行佈道 by Rose Liu ACTS_20170917


09/24/17 保羅在耶路撒冷 by Joshua Ke ACTS_20170924


10/08/17 保羅首次被囚 by Qingyi Zhang ACTS_20171008


10/15/17 保羅赴羅馬 by Sandia Kao ACTS_20171015


10/22/17 保羅第二次被囚 by Zhonglong Zhang ACTS_20171022


10/29/17 保羅的影響 by Biao Wu ACTS_20171029




  • 主日聚繪 9-13-2020 8 9 月, 2020
    Pastor Ming Huang will preach on “奇異恩典~32 年事奉有感 Amazing Grace — Reflections on 32 Years of Ministry” (馬可福音 Mark 6:38-44) in the Mandarin service on 9/13/2020. Pastor Ming Huang of the Taiwan Prison Ministry will give a short sermon, and two DCCC members Diana Cheung and Rowena Geng, will also give testimonies along with four ...
  • 識別分辨異端邪教 – 張逸萍博士 (Dr Lois Chan) 6 9 月, 2020
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