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Online Services 2020.06.28

Published June 28, 2020 English Sermon: “Carrying One Another’s Burdens”-Pastor Howard Chang Galatians 6:1-5 Worship List: I Need Thee Every Hour Give us Clean Hands His Mercy is More Let us Love and Sing and Wonder Cantonese Sermon: “Your Identity? 你有身份?”-Pastor Andy Ching Matthew 馬太福音 1:1-17 Mandarin Sermon: “信仰的傳承: 家庭祭壇 Inheritance of faith: Family Altar”-Elder Patrick Leung 創世記 8:13-21; 申命記6:4-9

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Online Services 2020.06.21

Published June 21, 2020 English Sermon: “At the Potter’s House” – Pastor Howard Chang Jeremiah 18:1-6 Cantonese Sermon: “父神的慈愛 The Love of the Father” – Elder Frank Lin 路加福音 Luke 15:11-31 Mandarin Sermon: “Father’s Mission in the 21st Century 父親的使命在這 21 世紀” – Pastor Mondy Chen Deuteronomy 申命記 1:29-31

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Online Services 2020.06.14

Published June 14, 2020 English Sermon: “Surviving the Desert” – Pastor Howard Chang  Exodus 16, Matthew 6:11 Worship List: Come Thou Fount, Come Thou King Oceans The Solid Rock Words That You Say Cantonese Sermon: “歧視 Discrimination” – Pastor Kelvin Chiu 加拉太書 Galatians 3:26-29 Mandarin Sermon: “父神的慈愛 The Love of the Father” – Elder Frank Lin 路加福音 Luke 15  

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Online Services 2020.06.07

Published June 7, 2020 English Sermon: “Grace Sufficient” -Pastor Howard Chang 2 Corinthians 12:9-10 Worship List: Your Love Never Fails O Praise The Name What A Beautiful Name Cannons Cantonese Sermon: “Judges 士師: Deborah 底波拉” – Pastor Kelvin Chiu 士師記 Judges 4:1-10, 5:1-9 Mandarin Sermon: “Learn from King David’s Examples 學習大衛王的榜樣” – Pastor Mondy Chen 1 Samuel 撒母耳記上16:7-14

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Online Services 2020.05.31

Published May 31, 2020 English Sermon: “From One Generation to the Next” – David Leung Psalm 145:1-7 Cantonese Sermon: “日光之下無新事: 虛空 Nothing New under the Sun: Meaningless” – Pastor Kelvin Chiu Ecclesiastes 傳道書 1:1-18 Mandarin Sermon: “An Overwhelming Truth” – Elder Dennis Logan John 約翰福音 16:27

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Online Services 2020.05.24

Published May 24, 2020 English Sermon: “Trusting God during the Corona Virus Pandemic” – Eugene Chang Matt. 6:25-34, 28:16-20, Heb. 4:14-16 Cantonese Sermon: “微小的聲音 A Gentle Whisper” – Kuk Shing Chow 1 King 列王紀上 19: 9-18 Mandarin Sermon: “7 Feasts Point to Jesus 七節慶指向耶稣” – Pastor Mondy Chen Leviticus 利未記 23:4-8

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Online Services 2020.05.17

Published May 17, 2020 English Sermon: “Jesus is Better and Greater” – Pastor Alan Ginn Hebrews 1:1-4 Cantonese Sermon: “The Power of the Holy Spirit 得力的秘訣” – Pastor Kelvin Chiu Acts 使徒行傳 1:1-26 Mandarin Sermon: “The Five Offerings Point to Jesus 五種獻祭指向耶稣” – Pastor Mondy Chen Leviticus 利未記 4:1–35

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Online Services 2020.05.10

Published May 10, 2020 English Sermon: “God’s Glory Amid COVID” – Pastor John Van Gorkom Habakkuk 2: 12-14 Cantonese Sermon: “Prayers of a Mother 母親的祈禱” – Pastor Kelvin Chiu I Samuel 1:10-12; 2:1-11 Mandarin Sermon: “以便以謝-得勝的宣告 Ebenezer – Declaration of Victory” – Elder Frank Lin 撒母耳記上 I Sam. 7

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Online Services/主日網路敬拜 2020.05.03

Published May 3, 2020 English Sermon: “He Knows the Way That I Take” – Elder Patrick Leung Job 23:8-10 Cantonese Sermon: “聖潔的教會 Holy Church” – Pastor Kelvin Leung 哥林多前書 I Co 5:1-13 Mandarin Sermon: “耶穌的的愛與犧牲 Jesus’ Love and Sacrifice” – Pastor Mondy Chen 路加福音 Luke 22:15-20  

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Online Services/主日網路敬拜 2020.04.26

Published April 26, 2020 English Sermon: “More Than Conquerors” – Pastor Gershom Lee Reference: John 20:19-23; Romans 8:28-39 Cantonese Sermon: “得勝有餘” – Pastor Gershom Lee John 約 20:19-23; Romans 羅 8:28-39 Mandarin Sermon: “Humble before God and Turn from Wicked Ways 謙卑歸向神, 轉離惡行”-Pastor Mondy Chen 歷代志下2 Chronicles 7:13-14; 路加福音 Luke 21:10-13

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