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Cantonese Archive

Various DCCC messages from the Cantonese congregation. Click on the link(s) to watch/listen.

2021.02.21Pastor Kelvin Chiu“聖徒的盼望 Hope for the Grace”
2021.02.14Brother Kuk-Shing Chow“預備迎見我們的神 Prepare to Meet Our God”
2021.02.07Pastor Kelvin Chiu“耶穌的使命 The Mission of Jesus”
2021.01.31Pastor Kelvin Chiu“Spiritual Warfare 屬靈爭戰”
2021.01.24Pastor Kelvin Chiu“DCCC's Mission- Compassion 我們的使命-對人憐憫”
2021.01.17Pastor Howard Chang“DCCC's Mission - Compassion 我們的使命-對人憐憫”
2021.01.10Pastor Kelvin Chiu“DCCC's Mission - Celebration 我們的使命-對神敬拜”
2021.01.03Pastor Kelvin Chiu“DCCC's Mission - Discipleship 我們的使命-門徒造就”
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