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Cantonese Archive

Various DCCC messages from the Cantonese congregation. Click on the link(s) to watch/listen.

2021.05.09Elder Wei Feng“孕育之恩 - 知恩圖報”
2021.05.02Pastor Kelvin Chiu“Receive the Crown of Glory that will Never Fade Away 得那永不衰殘的榮耀冠冕”
2021.04.25Pastor Kelvin Chiu“Be Alert and of Sober Mind 謹慎自守”
2021.04.18Pastor John Van Gorkom“An Illustration of Grace”
2021.04.11Elder Patrick Leung“The Glory of God 神的榮耀”
2021.04.04Pastor Kelvin Chiu"願意為義受苦的生活 Willing to Suffer for Righteousness”
2021.03.28Pastor Kelvin Chiu"願意為義受苦的生活 Willing to Suffer for Righteousness”
2021.03.21Pastor Kelvin Chiu“敬虔的生活 Live Godly Lives”
2021.03.14Pastor Gershom Lee “Reaping the Harvests 收成莊稼”
2021.03.07Pastor Kelvin Chiu“聖潔的教會 Holy Church”
2021.02.28Pastor Kelvin Chiu“屬靈生命的成長 Spiritual growth”
2021.02.21Pastor Kelvin Chiu“聖徒的盼望 Hope for the Grace”
2021.02.14Brother Kuk-Shing Chow“預備迎見我們的神 Prepare to Meet Our God”
2021.02.07Pastor Kelvin Chiu“耶穌的使命 The Mission of Jesus”
2021.01.31Pastor Kelvin Chiu“Spiritual Warfare 屬靈爭戰”
2021.01.24Pastor Kelvin Chiu“DCCC's Mission- Compassion 我們的使命-對人憐憫”
2021.01.17Pastor Howard Chang“DCCC's Mission - Compassion 我們的使命-對人憐憫”
2021.01.10Pastor Kelvin Chiu“DCCC's Mission - Celebration 我們的使命-對神敬拜”
2021.01.03Pastor Kelvin Chiu“DCCC's Mission - Discipleship 我們的使命-門徒造就”
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