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Cantonese Messages

Various DCCC messages from the Cantonese congregation. Click on the link(s) to watch/listen.

2020.10.18Pastor Kelvin Chiu“Holy Life 聖潔的生活”
2020.10.11Elder Patrick Leung“萬軍之耶和華啊, 你的居所何等可愛!”
2020.10.04Pastor Kelvin Chiu“神的國就在你們心裡 Kingdom voting series # 1: The Kingdom of God Is within You”
2020.09.27Pastor Kelvin Chiu“跟從耶穌 Follow Jesus”
2020.09.20Pastor Kelvin Chiu“如何面對批評 How to face criticism”
2020.09.13Eugene Chang“Being Called To Be A Peacemaker”
2020.09.06Pastor Kelvin Chiu“你要警醒回想 You, Wake Up And Remember”
2020.08.30Pastor Kelvin Chiu“Faith & Authority 信心與權柄”
2020.08.23Pastor Kelvin Chiu“四樣小物的智慧 The Wisdom of Four Things”
2020.08.16Pastor Kelvin Chiu“The Secret of Contentment”
2020.08.09Pastor Kelvin Chiu“How many times should you forgive? 饒恕他幾次呢?”
2020.08.02Pastor Kelvin Chiu“尋寶的人 Treasure hunter”
2020.07.26Pastor Kelvin Chiu“What would Jesus want? 耶穌想要的是什麼?”
2020.07.19Pastor Gershom Lee“Possessing the True Freedom in Christ 得著基督裡的真自由”
2020.07.2020Pastor Kelvin Chiu“To Be a Smart Servant 作一個聰明的僕人”
2020.07.05Pastor Kelvin Chiu“The Parable of the Bags of Gold 按才幹受託付的比喻”
2020.06.28Pastor Andy Ching “Your Identity? 你有身份?”
2020.06.21Elder Frank Lin“父神的慈愛 The Love of the Father”
2020.06.14Pastor Kelvin Chiu“歧視 Discrimination”
2020.06.07Pastor Kelvin Chiu“Judges 士師: Deborah 底波拉”
2020.05.31Pastor Kelvin Chiu“日光之下無新事: 虛空 Nothing New under the Sun: Meaningless”
2020.05.24Kuk-Shing Chow“微小的聲音 A Gentle Whisper”
2020.05.17Pastor Kelvin Chiu“The Power of the Holy Spirit 得力的秘訣” (Acts 使徒行傳 1:1-26)
2020.05.10Pastor Kelvin Chiu“Prayers of a Mother 母親的祈禱”
2020.05.03Pastor Kelvin Chiu“聖潔的教會 Holy Church”
2020.04.26Pastor Gershom Lee“得勝有餘”
2020.04.19Pastor Mondy Chen“The Resurrection of Jesus 耶穌復活”
2020.04.12Pastor Kelvin ChiuEaster Sunday: “若不悔改必滅亡 Repent or Perish”
2020.04.10Pastor Kelvin Chiu耶穌受難日聚會
2020.04.05Pastor Kelvin Chiu“等與看 Waited Patiently and Wonders What You Have Done”
2020.03.29Frank Lin“往下扎根,向上結果 Take Root Downward, and Bear Fruit Upward”
2020.03.22Pastor Kelvin Chiu"Build Our Foundation II 各人的工程 II”
2020.03.15Pastor Kelvin Chiu“Build Our Foundation 各人的工程” (I Corinthians 哥林多前書 3:10-23)

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