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COVID-19 Update 2021.04.08

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DCCC: COVID-19 Church reopening update: Yolo County remains at the Moderate/Orange tier this week. We will closely monitor the development of COVID-19 levels in our state and will proceed with wisdom and caution. We encourage everyone to be vigilant to protect themselves and those around them and to be prayerful during this time. Yolo County Coronavirus Dashboard

Easter Sunday 2021

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English國語 Mandarin 粵語 Cantonese 信息: “復活的基督帶給我們什麼 What does the resurrected Christ bring to us” (路加福音Luke 24:1-9) Speaker: Dr David Leung講員: Pastor Mondy Chen講員: Pastor Kelvin Chiu Worship Program: 1) For God So Loved The World 2) Man of Sorrows 3) Sermon, Part 1 4)Were You There / Because He Lives 5) Sermon, Part 2 6) King of Kings 7) Living HopeAudio Version Previous Sermons/Messages

This Week’s Sunday Services

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 March 28, 2021  English Service國語主日崇拜 Mandarin Service粵語主日崇拜 Cantonese Service “Living as a Citizen of Heaven” (Philippians 3:17-21)信息: “耶穌受難: 十字架七言 The Passion of Jesus: The Last Seven Words on the Cross” (馬太福音 Matthew 27:45-46; 約翰福音 John 19:30信息: “願意為義受苦的生活 Willing to Suffer for Righteousness” (彼得前書 I Peter 3:13-22) Speaker: Pastor John Van Gorkom講員: Pastor Mondy Chen講員: Pastor Kelvin Chiu Worship List: Draw Me Close to You Hosanna Hail to the King Only

Building Project Update 2021.03.28

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This slideshow requires JavaScript. Unless the Lord builds the house,    the builders labor in vain.Psalm 127:1 DCCC Building Project Page

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