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Recent Messages 2019.07

  1. A) Communion Remarks B) “Plan Like Mist” (James 4:13-5:6)
  2. “好牧人 The Good Shepherd” (約翰福音 John 10:11,14-16)
  3. “The Making of God’s Servant” (Genesis 37:2-36)
  4. “上帝的怒氣 The Wrath of God” (民數記 Numbers 11:31-34; 14:29-37)
  5. “How to Resist Temptation” (Genesis 39)
  6. “向耶和華唱新歌 Sing A New Song to the LORD”
  7. “Watching and Waiting” (Genesis 40)
  8. “上帝的義怒 The Righteous Wrath of God”







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